Leveraging Data Science in the Electric Power Industry

Data Science in PDU


Leveraging data science for electric power industry transformation

Acquire - Turning Legacy Data into Assets

Can data science tools transform legacy data into useful assets?

Analyze - Gaining Deeper Insights

How can advanced analytics help you extract new insights from your data?

Blueprint for Data Science Success

What key enablers does your company need to use data smartly?

Case Study - Repeatable Process to Cleanse-Visualize-Analyze

What is a repeatable and efficient process to cleanse data, display it graphically, and create predictive models?

Increasing Data Science Adoption

How can you accelerate data science practices and knowledge-sharing across your organization?

Metadata: Enabling Data Sharing

How do you facilitate greater usage and sharing of data to unlock more business value?

Optimizing Discovery Interviews

What actions can help guide your strategy to plan a successful data science initiative?

Selecting the Right Use Cases

How can you ensure you develop data science solutions that can help solve real challenges in your organization?

Store-Optimizing Data Collection

How can you advance data science and machine learning with more effective data collection and storage?

Visualize: Gaining Insights Faster

How can visualizations help you make data-driven decisions?