Technical Leads

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Program 180 Technical Contacts




Program Manager

Drew McGuire

Technical Assistant III

Eric Cornwell

Overhead Distribution

  • Asset Degradation and Failure
  • Inspection Technologies
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Forensics

Joe Potvin

Dexter Lewis

Brittany Ewert

Lauren Bouchard

Underground Distribution

  • Urban Underground Systems
  • Low-Voltage Meshed Networks
  • Line Worker Practices
  • Reliability Management
  • Manhole Event Prevention and Mitigation

John Tripolitis

Joshua Perkel

Kim Thach

Distribution Automation

  • Reclosers
  • Sensors
  • Switching Devices
  • Controls and Related Assets include Power Supplies
  • DA Asset Management and Automated Device Field Practices

Jason Anderson

Alex Bologna

Mike Mazzantini

Safety / Risk Management

  • Safety Trends and Practices
  • Craft Worker Safety
  • Public Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Tom Short

Asset Management and Analytics (Overhead and Underground Assets)

  • Asset Characterization
  • Asset Performance Data
  • Asset Performance Analysis and Decision Making

Bhavin Desai

Distribution Reliability and Resiliency

  • Reliability Management
  • Reliability Programs and Strategies
  • Standards / Grid Hardening
  • Storm Preparedness and Response
  • Vegetation Management

Doug Dorr

Yamille del Valle

General Inquiries

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