Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define the Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE)?

The Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) is a website that provides users with tools, best practices, and a broad range of resources to help them understand data science and adopt advanced approaches. It is a hub of content that has been curated to make it easier to build new skills, spark collaboration and foster innovation.

How does ACE benefit users?

Users will have a single location to help them with data science topics that have been curated specifically for EPRI. And, the ACE site will be continuously updated and refreshed to make sure it stays relevant.

How is the content in ACE organized?

ACE has been designed with four personas that might be using the site – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Functional Role. The site offers similar categories of content under each persona.

Categories of Content

  • Training courses, conferences & more. Provides links to online training, popular conferences and cheat sheets and other ways to learn quickly.

  • EPRI Community Support. This will list people at EPRI who can provide support and assistance to colleagues internally. These are people available to help and provide ideas when a user is having issues or a user needs assistance brainstorming some ideas.

  • Uses Cases. Lists the use cases that were part of the Technology Innovation project. These use cases were foundational in the learning and development of the ACE site.

  • Tools & Resources. Links to explore internal EPRI resources and external tools, ideas and examples curated to help users.

How do I get an overview of the ACE website?

Video Coming Soon…

Who has access to ACE?

ACE is currently in the beta stage. ACE is available to everyone.

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