P180.001 Overhead Assets

Wildlife Guard Research

Wildlife guards can be an effective means of improving reliability by preventing wildlife-caused outages, such as those caused by squirrels and birds. Ideally, a properly designed wildlife guard should last the life of the asset it is protecting. However, poorly designed wildlife guards may contribute toward reliability issues or exacerbate damage in the event of a flashover. Many utilities have experience significant line recloser damage caused by a wildlife guard that ignited during a flashover. EPRI has developed a test framework to evaluate wildlife guard performance, including its flame performance.

P180.002 Underground Assets

Heating of Crimp Connectors

Evaluation of one-way to one-way crimp connectors used in low-voltage secondary networks

MV Cable Accessory Research

Evaluation of 35-kV terminations


Research on causes; evaluation of mitigation options and monitoring systems

P180.003 Automation Assets

Cyber-Physical Security Demonstration for Distribution Automation Devices

Overview of Cyber-Physical Demonstration for DA devices

P180.004 Safety

Arc Flash Videos

EPRI and utility videos

Guarding Downed Conductors

Video for training workers guarding downed conductors

Identifying Patterns of Downed Conductors

Training for operators to identify patterns of live, downed conductors

Personnel Protection and Grounding for Underground Cables

Video covering personnel protection and grounding on underground cables

Proper Wear of Arc-Rated Clothing

Short video describing the importance of buttoning and tucking arc-rated FR shirts

Tests on Personnel Protection and Grounding on an Overhead Line

Video covering staged tests of personnel protection and grounding on an overhead line

Video on High-Impedance Faults and Downed-Conductor Detection

Background on research on downed conductors

Video on Vehicle Grounding and Ground Hazards around Distribution Circuits

Practical takeaways from tests and analysis of hazards at ground level

P180.005 Analytics

Cost Benefit

Economic Evaluation for Reliability and Resiliency Measures


Identification of At-Risk Trees Using Satellite Imagery

Wood Poles

Better understanding wood poles using industry wide data