P180.001 Overhead Assets

Distribution Systems Infrared Inspection Field Guide

Field guide for IR inspections, covering arresters, connectors, cutouts, switches, and more

P180.002 Underground Assets

Bronze Book

Underground distribution systems reference book

Interest Groups

EPRI hosted distribution underground interest groups

P180.003 Automation Assets

Deliverable Discussion - 2020 Edition of the Distribution Automation Guidebook

What can you find in the Distribution Automation Guidebook?

EPRI Distribution Sensors Repository

Database of features and specifications for distribution sensors

P180.004 Safety

A Safety Clamp to Protect against Burndowns when using Line Hose

Reduce hazards to workers from burndown of conductors at rubber coverup

Arc Flash in a Padmounted Switch

Models the arc flash incident energy based on tests of PMH padmounted switches

Guarding Downed Conductors

Video for training workers guarding downed conductors

Identifying Patterns of Downed Conductors

Training for operators to identify patterns of live, downed conductors


Conversations with Experts - How Drone Research Evolved and What is Next

Drones have moved into the mainstream, how did we get here, and where do we go from here?