Identifying Patterns of Downed Conductors

Training for operators to identify patterns of live, downed conductors

This video is meant for training operators to identify patterns of live, downed conductors. Topics include:

  • Basics of energized, downed conductors
  • Use of arc-detecting relay alarms
  • Using visual patterns of outages to differentiate between a broken conductor and a false rollup from multiple fuse operations
  • Comparing “confirmed” to “predicted” outages on SCADA reclosers
  • Action plan for events involving a broken conductor
  • Operator work flow on normal days
  • Using support personnel on storm days
  • Identifying patterns on non-SCADA devices
  • Introduction to a system that can automatically ping to identify possible downed-conductor scenarios
  • Record keeping

See here for a version of this video that can be downloaded.

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Last modified August 20, 2020