Updates on supplemental projects and new happenings

2022 Research Plans Available

The research team is happy to share our plans for next year’s R&D. Thanks to all of our utility advisors that have given input throughout the planning process. We are excited to continue working together!

Distribution resiliency research highlighted in the EPRI Journal

The EPRI journal recently published an article highlighting EPRI Distribution resiliency research and testing that we performed at the Lenox lab. This research was also recognized with an EPRI Technology Transfer Award in 2020.

Artificial intelligence research kicks off in distribution

Dexter Lewis has kicked off a research project focused on how to use imagery and AI to perform distribution inspection.

Urban Underground Event Scheduled

John Tripolitis leads the North American Dense Urban Utility Working Group each year. It is a great chance to interact with peers focused on urban underground distribution networks.

2021 Distribution Systems Overview published

Click here to get a preview of our research planned for 2021

New research begins to investigate new technologies for backup power for automation

Jason Anderson is leading a research project that is focused on reducing the largest O&M expense associated with distribution automation systems: batteries and backup power. Click here to read more

Conversations with Experts - How Drone Research Evolved and What is Next

Drones have moved into the mainstream, how did we get here, and where do we go from here? In this installment of our discussions with leaders in tech, we sat to learn more about how drones and drone R&D have evolved over the last several years.

Last modified June 23, 2021