Undergrounding for Distribution Interest Group

Lowering the Cost of Undergrounding Distribution


Create a utility group focused on identifying approaches to proactive undergrounding that have the potential to yield cost reductions across the full life cycle. U-DIG will offer utilities regular web meetings designed to share the latest best practices, new technologies, and concepts. These meetings will also include substantial discussion opportunities for participants. This information will be maintained on the Distribution Resource Center and accessible to all EPRI members.

EPRI will rely on participant feedback and recommendations to select meeting topics and will explore adjacent industries for subject matter experts that can offer perspectives on all aspects related to proactive undergrounding.

The potential topics for the web meetings include but are not limited to:

Topics Subtopics
Adjacent Industry Perspectives Gas Industry Perspective Water / Sewer Telecom
Diagnostics / Inspection of UG
Environmental Aspects of UG
International Perspective Asia Europe
Mapping / GIS
OH to UG Design
Planning & Operation
Technology Cable Cable Accessories Transformers Switchgear
Transmission Perspectives
Legislative / Regulatory
Customer Interaction
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