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UAS Workshop

2021 Unmanned aircraft systems for electric utilities virtual workshop content

About This Event

EPRI’s UAS Utility Application Workshop is an opportunity for collaborative knowledge sharing for everything drone related! The audience and presenters comprise utility personnel and utility-focused researchers, services providers, and stakeholders. The agenda focuses on case studies, new learnings, and best practices. This is a great opportunity to engage, learn, and drive future research within the utility industry. EPRI will host six virtual sessions over three weeks in Q4 2021. These events will be recorded for post review as well. Each session will be no longer than 2-hours will multiple presentations following a session theme. The themes this year are: • Flight Automation and Inspection Quality • UAS in the Field: Tips, Tricks, and Tools • Post-processing and Artificial Intelligence • Transmission & Distribution Specific Research • Generation Specific Research • New Utility UAS Applications If you have a case study or presentation you feel fits within these areas, please let me know at

Goals and Objectives

Most past attendees finish the meeting with more knowledge about UAS and utility applications. This event is a great opportunity to learn from experts, peers, and other industries to advance the use of drones within your organization.

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Material from 2021 Sessions

Session 1


Flight Automation and Inspection Quality | Is GPS really blocked by trees? | MYO Model Slides

Session 2


UAS in the Field - Osmose | UAS in the Field - Troy Utilities | UAS in the Field - SkySkopes

Session 3


AEIC AEP Imagery Management | Aethon | EPRI AI

Session 4


Oriented Imagery v1 | EPRI T&D Specific Research | EPRI UAS Workshop - Rapid LiDAR for SDA (2021) | KEPCO-1 | KEPCO-2

Session 5


Generation Lessons Learned

Session 6


MR EPRI Webinar | LiDAR Considerations