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Arc Flash Videos

EPRI and utility videos

Arc-Flash Video for Field Workers

The video is aimed at field workers to highlight key lessons learned on arc flash from real-world testing. Scenarios and hazards covered include:

  • 480 V vs. 208 V
  • Secondary networks and network protectors
  • Arcing durations
  • Overhead work
  • Traveling arcs
  • Padmounted switches
  • Worker positioning
  • Manholes and vaults
  • Importance of proper PPE, including proper arc-rated clothing

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Thanks to Con Edison and ComEd for videos from their tests.

For more information, contact Tom Short.

See also the utility videos in the links below for more insight on arc flash.

1 - FR Clothing: The Importance of Wearing it

Video by Con Edison on the importance of wearing arc-rated FR clothing

This video emphasizes the importance of wearing arc-rated FR clothing. It includes demonstrations of street clothes versus arc-rated FR clothing. Several arc-flash scenarios are shown, including manhole work and overhead work.

2 - Arc Flash Testing: 480 Volt Metering

Video by National Grid and EPRI on testing of 480-V meter sockets

This video documents testing of 480-V meter sockets. Tests measured incident energy and evaluated the performance of clothing systems.